Boxes By Style

Looking for a specific box style to customise for your packaging? We offer a wide range of style attributes in various shapes that can be personlised in accordance with your product needs. Whether you require a custom box with a particular closure or opening, a unique structure, a handle, an attractive presentation, a dispensing option, or a custom folding style, you are at the right place! With unlimited personalisation options we let you to be as creative as you wish for your custom packaging boxes with regards to logo and artwork printing, sizing, lamination, die-cutting, and embossing etc.

Select your desired style below and submit your price request either by filling in one of our forms on the website or via LIVE Chat Support we have. Upon price quote approval, you pay your invoice in the next step and we produce and deliver in the third step. Our standard turnaround is 8 to 10 working days.

Bottom Closure Variants

Select your desired bottom closure from a range of 123 bottom, auto bottom, crash lock bottom and tuck bottom styles.

Carriers & Handle Boxes

Choose from gable box, cube shaped handle box, glass carrier, 4-pack bottle carrier, 6-pack bottle carrier and handle bag styles.

CD Covers

Make a choice from bookend style, sleeve style, 2-panel, 4-panel, or 6-panel cd jacket style. Custom Printed economy CD paper covers are also available.

Dispenser Boxes

Go with perforated dispenser, flip-out dispenser, seal end perforated dispenser, or soda can dispenser box styles.

Display & Presentation

Explore a wide range of counter display boxes, product display trays, display stands, and presentation box styles to make a choice for your custom printed packaging.

Fold and Assemble

Browse our unique range of styles for the folding boxes, trays, and other packaging products we offer for your customised packaging.

Gable Boxes & Bags

We offer a variety of styles in gable boxes and bags that will help you personalise your packaging in an attractive and unique way.

Sleeves & Partitions

We can produce any kind of customised sleeves and partitions for your product packaging. Select your preferred style and send us your required specifications.

Tray Variants

We have an extensive range of trays that can be customised to accommodate any of your packaging requirements.

Tuck End Variants

Get your bespoke packaging boxes in any of the tuck end styles we offer. We offer full customisation in terms of size, logo and artwork printing, and finishing.

Two Piece Boxes

Check our range of two piece boxes and select your desired style. We can produce custom sizes with personalised branding and finishing.