Three Typical Types Of Boxes In The World Of Packaging

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There are many boxes in the world of packaging, but here we describe three typical packaging boxes. Factories make all these boxes with paper pulp of varying thicknesses. Along with the specific production requirements, these boxes must fulfil the objective of solid protection and good presentation. Our professional teams work under specific departments: sales, customer service, development, production and quality assurance. Let’s explore these three types of boxes.

Tuck End Boxes:

Tuck End Boxes have opening and closing flaps; the procedure they offer to access the product out of its box is the chief feature. They imprint an excellent impression on customers due to this feature. The tucking edges of their flaps give a firm look to these boxes and a stronghold to the product packed inside. These Tuck End Boxes help your customers easily open the box as often as possible and conveniently access the products from the packaging box.

The tight tucks of these boxeshelp in easy locking, providing total security to prevent products from falling out of the box. The straight tuck end flaps attached to these Tuck end Boxes allow your consumers to extend the upper and bottom tuck in the same direction, along with small over-lapping flaps stopping dust from entering.

Custom Printed Straight Tuck End Boxes

Rigid Boxes:

    Rigid Boxes are also known as set-up boxes. These boxes are sturdier and do not fold or collapse like folding cartons. They are frequently, but only sometimes, used for higher-end products where perceived value is essential. You can also use these boxes when the product within is heavy and needs extra support. The iPhone boxes are typical examples of Rigid Boxes.

    A classic shoe box style is also an example of a rigid box. High-end shoe stores use Rigid Boxes to enhance their brand. We also make fancy Rigid Boxes with foil stamping on the inside and outside of the box at the Pro Packaging Boxes UK. A fancy rigid box is the type of box for a piece of jewellery – in other words – this box is for more expensive products.

    Custom Printed Two Piece Rigid Shoulder Neck Boxes

    Corrugated Boxes:

      Corrugated boxes (also called corrugated fiberboard or combined board) are what you would commonly refer to as brown cardboard boxes that you would, for example, use to pack your belongings in when you move to a new house. Like folding cartons, these boxes are also commonly used as primary retail packaging.

      Corrugated boxes typically have three layers. There is a wavy layer between two outer flat layers like a sandwich. In packaging, corrugated boxes are often referred to as “shipper boxes” or “master packs” and are mainly used to ship a company’s retail-ready products to stores all over the country or the world.

      custom printed corrugated packaging boxes


      Our firm, the Pro Packaging Boxes UK, perfectly makes all these boxes mentioned above. We also make plain and printed varieties of these boxes. Most of the consumers are highly satisfied with our packaging. So contact us immediately to get your unique boxes order.

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